pioneer in protected mobility


Applied research, development of software and hardware cybersecurity solutions


Our products provide protection against a wide range of attacks and stay one step ahead of the attacker. All of our products are designed to meet the most advanced standards and regulatory requirements


Evaluation of the level of security, preparation for compliance with international standards for OEM and MaaS companies, for business development t when cyberattacks are becoming the “new normal”

About Us


A pioneer company in the field of transport cybersecurity. Implements dedicated automotive electronics solutions to prevent and protect current global cybersecurity threats. A unique combination of safety professionals and automotive electronics experts enables us to create world-class solutions.

We are the winners of Skolkovo International Cybersecurity Challenge Winners – 2019


AutoVisor IDS / IPS Device

Intrusion Detection & Prevention System. Provides complete security of the control bus (CAN/LIN), protecting it from unauthorized connections

AutoVisor SIEM

Security incident & event management system. Vehicle security operational center. Responds to cybersecurity incidents.

AutoVisor Anti GPS Spoofing

Protection from GPS Spoofing. Tracks the consistency of changes in coordinates in space

AutoVisor Protected Mobility

Comprehensive protection for mobile solutions for fleets and sharing systems


consulting on compliance with international standards

building a threat model and an invasion model

development of security and test plans

information security audit

development analysis

penetration tests (internal and external)

black box, white box texting

conducting trainings in the framework of ISO


Patented technologies

Unique patented deep tech solutions with cutting edge features

AutoVisor’s Data

Auto V isor maintains its own data on vehicle vulnerabilities across car manufacturers, models, and OEMs


The company’s technologies work with different types of vehicle: from electric scooters to buses