International cybersecurity standards compliance


consulting on compliance with international standards

building a threat model and an invasion model

development of security and test plans

information security audit

development analysis

penetration tests (internal and external)

black box, white box texting

conducting trainings in the framework of ISO

International standarts compliance

ISO/SAE 21434

“Road vehicles – Cybersecurity engineering”
Current status: in development
We participate in the ISO / TC22 / SC32 / WG11 committee

SAE J3061

“Cybersecurity Guidebook for Cyber-Physical Vehicle Systems”
Current status: published in 2019


WP29 – UN Regulation on uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles regarding cybersecurity and of their cybersecurity management systems Сurrent status: under development


Improved security

of your consumers

Low costs

resulting from overdesign

Modern standarts

to the products you offer

Competitive advantage

for your products through third-party certification

Low risks

Decrease product cyber risks by adhering to cybersecurity standards

Huge experience

Benefit from years of expertise in car cybersecurity in the evaluation process